Episode 42 – Monkey Music to Tweet By

A show for those who analyze their Twitter and over analyze their music.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Service/website: Twitter Analytics   https://analytics.twitter.com 

Kelly recommended the analytic dashboard that Twitter recently opened up for free for all of us to use.  It is a “lava lamp” service from most of us – maybe not super useful, but fun and interesting to look at.  Features include:

  • See how many people actually view your tweet, interact with it, etc.
  • See where you followers are from.  Kelly is not doing well in Australia and blames @RSRigda
  • See who your followers follow

Here is an example of the engagement chart with editorial comments added by Kelly


Here is an example of the follower/location graphic



Mel’s Recommendation:


Music Software: MediaMonkey

  • Music Jukebox software that does a great job of organizing your digital media files.
  • There’s an Android App that allows this program to sync your media to your phone or tablet.
  • It also can sync to your iPhone or iPad (unless iOS 8 has broken that feature temporarily).
  • Most importantly, this program can automatically find LYRICS for your mp3s!!
  • This program is free, but there is a Gold version that unlocks more features. Try it out and see if it works for you.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @NewsTypewriter : Newsroom Typewriter is a crochety old 1949 typewriter fresh from the newsroom.

Mel: @TomEScott: Thomas Everett Scott’s twitter!


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