Episode 47 – Eat and drink like you ******* care


Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

  • A HILARIOUSLY profane vegetarian book from the folks over at ThugKitchen.com. The F word abounds. Abounds!
  • Be warned, this is not a cookbook you want to give to your grandma though…. unless your grandma is AWESOME!

The Book Trailer below contains awesomeness and a lot of BAD WORDS.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Drunk History on Comedy Central

  • Drunk History started out as a skit on Funny or Die, but Comedy Central decided to turn it into a series with hilarious results.
  • Essentially very drunk people teach you history while real actors reenact the historical event.
  • It’s surprisingly educational.


Drunk History with Bob Odenkirk as Nixon! (see more Bob Odenkirk related awesomeness below.)


Kelly has put forth the notion that we should do a Drunk Nurture and Support. What do you folks think? Who do you think would pass out puke first? #DrunkNurtAndSupp

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @theonlygolden: a lovely lady who’s not afraid to express herself.

Kelly: @BetterCallSaul: The official twitter account of the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff. Follow and prepare yourself!


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