Episode 48 – Space Showoffs

This week, we have an app that turns watching tv into a game, and a strategy/sim game that takes humanity to space.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

App: SHOWoff Television Gaming App

  • An iOS only app where you are challenged to make predictions for some of your favorite tv shows to earn points and leave your friends in the dust.
  • It’s like Fantasy Football for non-sports people. (cough…Mel)
  • DOES NOT require Facebook to create an account.



Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • The latest game in the Civ franchise takes humanity to another planet to continue the quest for Supremacy.
  • If your familiar with Civ 5, you won’t find anything particularly new here. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite as enjoyable as Alpha Centauri, but there is a lot of room for addons, so I’m still hoping.
  • Update: I almost won my 2nd game. I was soooo close! Try, try again.



Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @Josh McDermitt: Eugene on The Walking Dead. Respect the mullet.

Mel: NerdECrafter on youtube: creator of cool polymer clay nerd related crafts like Dancing Baby Groot! On twitter, she’s @nerdecrafter


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