Episode 49 – Zombies Syncing with the Gas Mask Chicken

Miss Manners raises chickens during the ‘almost apocalypse” and AMC rocks the Zombie Apocalypse with The Walking Dead Story Sync.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: An Etiquette Guide to the End Times by Maia Sepp

  • A very enjoyable novella about maintaining good manners during the apocalypse.
  • There’s no more Twitter and the Internet is down, so people area little stressed.
  • Plus there is a chicken in a gas mask on the cover! 


Kelly’s Recommendation:


App: AMC Story Sync for The Walking Dead and Talking Dead

  • Story Sync for The Walking Dead is available as an app (Android, iOS) for your tablet, OR online at AMC’s website.
  • Play along with other viewers with polls and the CARNAGE METER and the MORALITY MATRIX! We all need more Morality Matrix!
  • One cool feature is that a guest on Talking Dead also takes the polls along with you.
  • Talking Dead doesn’t do the experience quite as well, but it’s steadily improving. Check it out here.


Social Media Recommendations:

We’re taking this week off, why don’t you folks give us a few? Please?


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