Episode 50 – Andy Warhol and the Cube

We’ve got an album about Andy Warhol and an iOS Cube game this week. Then it’s all wrapped up with some Steampunk and a little bit of Francois.

 Kelly’s Recommendation


Music: Songs for Drella (Album) by Lou Reed and John Cale (1990)

  • An Andy Warhol tribute album by former members of The Velvet Underground.
  • Gives a chronological musical depiction of Andy’s life.
  • Available everywhere: iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify.


Mel’s Recommendation


Game App: Cubes 3D Revolution by Simiotica

  • Probably Mel’s oldest app on her phone.
  • It’s a slick scifi themed iOS “Match 3” type game that involves rotating cubes to make your matches.
  • It great fun, oddly addicting, and FREE!
  • Sadly it appears that the app is no longer supported, but it’s free so enjoy it while it still works.
  • Get it here on iTunes.

Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @karmic9: Kelly pointed out the fact that, while Mel doesn’t tweet often, when she does, it is AWESOME.  She will make your Walking Dead or bad SyFy movie experience better – follow her!  AWWWW!

Also go check out @thelipscombe: Jesse Lipscombe the actor behind #francoisproblems on Mutant World.

Mel: @worldofsteam: The World of Steam on Youtube: they are making some really good Steampunk web videos.


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