Episode 64 – Unsimulate

This week: a handy app, a great (short) book, and two lovable Russians…

Kelly’s Recommendation:

App: Just Unfollow (Now Crowdfire)


  • Available as an iOS or Android App, and on the web. (Note that they now call it Crowdfire.)
  • Let’s you easily track new follows unfollows/
  • Will also let you see a list of who is not folowing bsck
  • Works for Twitter and Instagram!



Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: The Plagiarist by Hugh Howey

  • This is a  mind bendy novella about simulated people on simulated worlds inside simulated universes.
  • Adam Griffey is a man struggling to live two lives, one in the “real” world and one in a simulated world. What happens when the simulated world starts to feel more real? And what in the end is real anyway?
  • It’s available for $.99 on the Kindle or Nook and also in print and audio. Goodreads Link.



Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: Slow Mo Labs on Youtube


Mel: @mybookishways : Book Related Awesomeness!

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