Episode 68 – Las Fairy

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Travel: Cheap (& Legal) Ways to Kill Time in Las Vegas


  • Original tips and tricks by Kelly himself!
  • We’ve got low roller activities on The Strip and Downtown on Freemont Street
  • Kelly’s favorite low roller reference site: http://www.cheapovegas.com/
  • Wondering where the best “cheap food” is? How about some loose slots? Looking for a casino with friendly (i.e. helpful) dealers? Wanna know where the WHITE CASTLE is on The Strip???  Look down!


Casino Royale is also home to low limit table games, $1 Michelobs, and $1.99 foot long hot dogs!  Did we mention THEY HAVE A WHITE CASTLE??

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: Dead on the Delta by Stacy Jay

  • 2 words: Fairy Apocalypse
  • This urban fantasy takes place in Louisiana in the aftermath of mutant Tinkerbell sized venomous fairy apocalypse.
  • Annabell Lee is one of only a small percentage of the population immune to fairy venom. This means she gets fun jobs, like collecting corpses that are outside the iron gates of the town.
  • This is a fun, extremely fast paced murder mystery with a gritty heroine who’s not about to let venom-crazed junkies, pint-sized murderous fairies, or the FBI get in her way.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @julieannemery: Betsy Kettleman herself from Better Call Saul

Also, @JeremyShamos: Mr. Craig Kettleman from Better Call Saul

Click below for Kettleman awesomeness

Mel’s: @slothfacts: Unnecessary facts about sloths that you really need to know….

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