Episode 71 – Go Loopy for Lost Wax

In this episode you can learn to make a steampunk hat, and then hang it up ANYWHERE.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Website/ YouTube Channel: Lost Wax

  • Yes, more crafting awesomeness. You know I can’t resist Steampunk! ~M
  • Lost Wax is the name of Chris Huebert’s website and YouTube channel. He creates amazingly beautiful steampunk jewelry and also has a number of fun, affordable DIY Steampunk tutorials on Youtube.
  • The tutorial videos are free to watch, but for the detailed plans (with full templates, etc) you give him a few bucks at his gumroad site. Each video has the link to its associated tutorial. They are very affordable at ~$5.00 and only use easily found materials.
  • His newest video, the Steampunk Gas Mask, is one of my favorites! (See below) I don’t have mine finished yet, but I will post pics as soon as I do. STAY TUNED!




 Kelly’s Recommendation:goloopie

Gadget: GoLoopie

  • GoLoopie is a neat little gadget that gives you a lightweight and portable hook anywhere that you need one.
  • You know you never have a handy hook when you need one! And it’s only $4.99 at goloopie.com
  • You just slip the Loop part around a cart handle, chair back, or anything really and you get a sturdy little hook to hang your purse, coat, shopping bags, etc from.
  • If your having trouble picturing this contraption, look here, and marvel at it’s genius simplicity.
  • It’s not available at Amazon…… Mel looked. 😀



Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @JDHancock: Makes great pics featuring all of your favorite action figures!

Kelly: The Warp Zone: a YouTube channel that makes rap battle type videos. Check out Hodor vs Groot below… Make sure your subtitles are on… !!!


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