Episode 72 – Battle of the Iron Sheik

Wrestling! Sarcastic Cops! Wild Animals!


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie/Documentary: The Sheik on Netflix

  • a documentary about Khosrow Viziri and his WWF character, The Iron Sheik.
  • Fun Facts: He was a bodyguard for the Shaw of Iran at one time. He became a wrestling coach for the US Olympic Wrestling Team.


Mel’s Recommendation:



TV Series: Battle Creek on CBS

  • Battle Creek stars Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel with an amazing supporting cast.
  • It’s a super fun and witty story about a cynical sarcastic cop who has to team up with the Ken Doll of the FBI.
  • Did I mention it was created by Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and David Shore (House)!




Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @the_ironsheik:


Mel: @africam: twitter alerts for live cams featuring the wild animals of Africa

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