Episode 74 – Molly had a little lamb

In this SHOCKING episode, Mel recommends some non-cello-based music and Kelly recommends a book.. that he READ.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Book: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

  • Biff was bff’s with Jesus (aka Joshua) back in the day. He gets resurrected 2000 years later by an Angel to tell the tale.
  • This story full of lizards, healings, demons, kung fu, and Maggie Magdalene promises to make you laugh.
  • The book also provides a sound explanation for the whole rabbit/Easter thing

Mel’s Recommendation:


Music: Outshine the Dusk by Molly Pinto Madigan

  • Modern folk ballads that feel like each song is a fairy tale.
  • Available all the usual places online: Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby
  • Mel’s favs are Persephone’s Lament, Dusk, and Bloom.
  • Molly’s new release, Wildwood Bride is also great. You can get it at all the places listed above.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: 2 Actresses from Lake Placid vs Anaconda who are awesome on Twitter

Laura Dale: @Laura_E_Dale (the evil Tiffany)

Heather Gilbert: @HeatherGilbert_ (shovel girl)


Mel:The Nerding Instinct: @nerdinstinct there’s some live tweeting goodness right here.



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