Episode 76 – The Long Dark Open Table



Kelly’s Recommendation:


App: OpenTable

  • a “Must Have” app for your smartphone if you ever need to make a restaurant reservation.
  • It’s available on both Android and iOS.
  • For all you introverts out there… you never have to interact with an actual human being! At least until you get to the restaurant.
  • It allows you to make reservations at participating restaurants (good ones too!) by what’s available right now, or whenever you like in oodles of areas and even internationally.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: The Long Dark by Hinterland Games

  • a Post Apocalyptic Survival game on PC that pits you against the frozen Canadian wilderness.
  • Try and stay alive to scavenge supplies, stay warm, and find food. You also get to craft some supplies.
  • Essentially  this game comes down to Calorie Management. You need to balance the calories you take in against the calories you put out staying alive. Until the wolves eat you.
  • The game is in Alpha Testing now and is available as an Early Access game on Steam. Make sure to check out the Humble Store too.
  • The Sandbox mode is working now, and when you if you buy it now, you get the full game complete with the actual Story Mode when it is released.
  • Did I mention it’s pretty? See below!




Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @WaywardPinesFox: a very active twitter account for the new tv show Wayward Pines on Fox.



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