Episode 80 – Building Mystery Glue with Stonehearth

Kelly’s recommendation


Graham Parker and the Rumor – Mystery Glue

  • Graham has reunited with his original band – The Rumor!
  • This is a diverse album with an angry-ish Graham (Kelly like his Parker angry)
  • Kelly lucked out and won 2 tickets to see them live in Chicago recently by making his own “Mystery Music Glue” – you can do the same here: http://www.grahamparker.net/mysterymusicglue/
  • Videos below of the awesome “Railroad Spikes” and well as some snippets from the show Kelly saw


Listen to Mystery Glue on Spotify too!


Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: Stonehearth by Radiant Entertainment

  • A fun city building, resource gathering, crafting, zombie and goblin killing game by Radiant Entertainment.
  • It’s an Early Access game, so it’s not quite done, but is absolutely playable right now.
  • Oh yeah, and it will be moddable too!
  • You can pick it up over at Steam, the Humble Store, or from Radiant directly.
  • And look at the concept art below! Isn’t that freaking awesome!?

Concept Art for a Rabbit Warrior



Social Media Recommendations:

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