Episode 82 – 14 Envoys


Kelly’s recommendation:


Music: The Envoy  by Warren Zevon

  • Originally released in 1982, and then in 2007 with bonus tracks.
  • Described as “The Excitable Boy” grows up.
  • The Hula Hula Boys: “I didn’t have to come to Maui to be treated like a jerk.” Ukuleles and Sadness!
  • Jesus Mentioned: A slow crooner about Elvis’ pill popping.
  • ‘Ain’t That Pretty At All’: Warren is not impressed.  About ANYTHING!
  • One of the bonus tracks is ‘Wild Thing’!
  • Spotify!



Mel’s Recommendation:


Book/Audiobook: ’14’ by Peter Clines

  • A cool Lovecraftian Horror/ Mystery/ Steampunkish story set in modern day L.A.
  • Nate moves into an oddly inexpensive apartment building. It turns out that the building has some distinctly odd things going on. There are mysterious padlocked doors, apartment doors with no doorknobs, and some strange neighbors. Oh, and someone is watching the building too. Nate and his new friends start investigating, but things just keep getting more and more weird. And then people start dying.
  • Ray Porter narrates the audiobook and does a great job.


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