Episode 84 – Amazing Fallout

This week we recommend an interesting biographical story and an addicting app!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: An Honest Liar

  • James ‘The Amazing’ Randi is a ‘magician, escape artist, and world-renowned enemy of deception’.
  • Available on Netflix.
  • He joined the circus at 16 and became a magician before he decided that he preferred to expose the ‘tricks’ instead of performing them.
  • He toured with ALICE COOPER during the Billion Dollar Babies tour!
  • He particularly liked debunking famous psychic Uri Geller.




Mel’s Recommendation:


Game App: Fallout Shelter

  • A FREE game on iOS. The Android version will be out soon.
  • If your familiar with the Fallout games by Bethesda, this is a fun little add on.
  • Build a grow your own Vault in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland.
  • There’s really very little to spend any real money on, so you can really play for free!
  • If you like Tiny Death Star, you’ll like this one too.


Kelly’s Social Media Corner:

CPG Grey‘s Channel on Youtube: Can’t sit still long enough to watch an entire documentary? Check this channel out; he’s good at explaining things in 4 minutes!

Check this one out:


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