Episode 86 – Moonfit

In this episode we finally emerge from the seemingly endless (three weeks) darkness of Kelly not having an older recommendation than Mel.

Kelly’s recommendation:


Movie: A Trip To The Moon (made in 1902)

  • It was directed by Georges Melies IN 1902!
  • The FIRST Science Fiction movie ever made!
  • Since it’s from 1902, it’s a Silent Movie.
  • They may have gotten Astronomers and Astrologers a little mixed up.
  •  It’s available on Netflix in both Black & White and Color.
  • Also available at Amazon Instant Video (FREE for Prime Members) 😛
  • And finally, since it was made in 1902, Kelly regains his Trophy for the Oldest Recommendation Ever Made on Nurture and Support.
  • FYI, this was made in 1902.





Mel’s recommendation:



Gadget: Fitbit Charge HR

  • Mel upgraded to her 3rd Fitbit and talks Pros and Cons of a couple of the Fitbit Models.
  • Fitbits are nifty little gadgets that track your movement and hence your calories burned throughout the day. Sync this data with a “Diet Tracker” like Spark People or My Fitness Pal and you get to eat more. Well, as long as your active anyway.
  • The Charge HR also tracks Sleep automatically, tracks your Heart Rate (the HR part), and has a strap with a buckle that stays buckled.
  • The Fitbit Flex is also a good model that you can buy 3rd party replacement wristbands with good buckles and cuter designs.


Kelly’s Social Media Recommendation Station:

YouTube: The Slow Mo Guys: Here’s what they have to say for themselves: “On this channel, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy take a $150,000 high speed camera to show you the world hundreds of times slower than you can see with your own eyes. You should subscribe. It’s pretty cool.”



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