Episode 89 – Dead Forge

This week we discuss a great zombie series and how to make a forge to craft weapons to fight them.

Mel’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Dead Set

  • A Zombie Apocalypse hits on Elimination Night of Big Brother UK.
  • Created by Charlie Brooker in 2008, it combines satire and horror to give you a gory look at the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Mel loved the ending!
  • And it’s available on Youtube for FREE! Sorry, “they” won’t let me embed it. Go clicky that link!

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Youtube Channel: Grant Thompson – The King of Random




Kelly’s Social Media Corner:

Keith Allan: @KeithAllanActor: The incomparable Murphy on ZNation. Beacuse we are ALL #TeamMurphy!

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