Episode 90 – The correlation of sheep


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Website: Google Correlate

  • An extension of Google Trends (a previous rec as well) that finds relationships between data sets.
  • There’s a cool Comic that explains how the Flu actually led to Correlates existence.
  • You can narrow your search by state, time frame, and even by drawing your own graph line.
  • You can also import your own data, which seems pretty useful.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Game/App: Divide By Sheep

  • available on iOS, Android, and Steam for $2.99 – $4.99.
  • The Grim Reaper has flooded the world to get kill off some sheep so he can have some cuddly friends. Your job is to try and save them by jumping them across islands to rafts…using MATH. It’s cute! It’s fun! You get to drown sheep, wolves and pigs! What’s not to love… ?

OMG! I LOVE this pic!


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: Fred Hicks: on G+ and Twitter (@FredHicks). Lots of cool nerdy gaming (as in Evil Hat Productions board games) info.

Kelly: Satan: @Hi_Im_Satan666: Satan finally showed up on Twitter and he’s following 666 people. Kelly is one of them….



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