Episode 92 – Zee space! Zee space boss!

Zombie and space awesomeness this week…

Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Z Nation on Syfy

  • Think The Walking Dead meets Sharknado…
  • A very fun Zombie Apocalypse that combines the best parts of a good Syfy movie with a great cast, and a story you actually care about.
  • Season 2 Starts Today, Sept. 11! Watch the awesome below.



Mel’s recommendation:


Movie: Space Milkshake

  • Coincidentally, this movie also contains the best aspects of a Syfy movie…only it wasn’t on Syfy.
  • Stars Amanda Tapping, Billy Boyd, Robin Dunne, and Kristen Kreuk, and George Takei as a Rubber Ducky named Gary.
  • It is beautiful.
  • Available free for Prime Members over at Amazon, or you can buy directly at SpaceMilkshake.com.


Social Media Recommendation:

This week Kelly brings you some previous Twitter recs, who have changed their handles:

Keith Allan (Murphy on Z Nation) is now @KeithAllanDuh

  and Amy Fegaro is now @AmyE_Glitters:

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