Episode 93 – Mike joined us and it wasn’t all that horrible

This week marks the Mel’s return to HumbleBundle, the return of Mike, and Kelly returns to the couch to watch Netflix

Mel’s Recommendation:



Website: HumbleBundle’s Neil Gaiman Rarities

  • Humble Bundle and Neil Gaiman have BOTH been previous recs.
  • To get the whole awesome bundle, you need to pay At Least the average price of $19.41. I’m pretty sure this is the highest average price ever on Humble Bundle.
  • Like it says, it some rare offerings from Mr. Gaiman that every fan NEEDS!


Mike’s Recommendation:


Gadgets: Little Bits

  • Don’t electrocute your self by trying to mix water and electricity like Mike… get a kit from Little Bits instead!
  • They sell cool kits to make a kinds of cool stuff from analog synthesizers to your own Mars Rover!
  • The kit pieces also attach to each other with magnets, no soldering required!
  • This video is pretty cool… (~Mel)

Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Narcos on Netflix

  • The story of Pablo Escobar, the Medelin Drug Cartel and the US/Columbian efforts to bring it down.
  • Silver or Lead, folks. Silver or Lead.




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