Episode 94 – BOWIE! LORE! 94!


Kelly’s Recommendation:


App: 94%

  • This app is available on both Android, iOS, and Windows phones.
  • a fun game where you try to guess the answers to themed questions, like “What is your greatest fear?”
  • It’s a nice way to exercise your brain and google is your friend when you get stuck.


Alicia’s Recommendation:


App: Waze

  • This is a “community-based traffic and navigation” app available on Android and iOS.
  • It has social media messaging built in that can message your friends when you are running late!
  • Users help to edit your local maps to keep updated on the latest changes to the roads you use the most, like speed traps…
  • Oh, and Steven Colbert does a voice. Tell me you don’t want him to give you directions!


Documentary: David Bowie: Five Years

  • Available on Showtime On Demand.
  • It’s an in depth look into 5 particular years of David Bowie’s music career that were the most influential.
  • If you’re a David bowie fan, you have to see this!



Mel’s Recommendation:


Podcast: Lore by Aaron Mahnke

  • Lore essentially tells scary, creepy stories that are based on actual facts.
  • You’ll learn things AND be creeped out!
  • So far, he’s covered vampires, ghosts, werewolves, asylums… feeling scared yet?
  • Thanks to @hwilson2009 for telling me about this one. ~M

Additional Info:

Alicia’s husband is going to be on an episode of Nashville on ABC on Oct. 14, 2015 at 9pm Central. He’s plays a DJ which is good because that’s what he does IRL!


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