Episode 97 – An octopus grows old eating

John and Helena join Mel and Kelly again providing a podcast jammed full with FOUR recommendations.  No extra charge.

Unlike LAST week, there are no jerks in this episode.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book/Art: Walking Your Octopus by Brian Kesinger

  • No, that is not code for something…
  • It’s a Victorian Steampunk book with very charming art prints featuring Victoria and Otto, her pet land octopus.
  • It features loads of tips on living with your pet octopus and would make a great gift for the Steampunk fan in your life.
  • Check out bkartonline.com and go to the shop section to get your own.

Helena’s Recommendation:


Website: PlanToEat.com

  • A Recipe Management and Menu-Planning site that does just what it says… It helps you Plan what To Eat for the week.
  • It has the ability to import recipes from other websites and generate your shopping list.
  • It does require some money, but at about $39/yr, it’s a pretty good deal.


John’s Recommendation:


Book: NPIC Seeing the Secrets Growing the Leaders by Jack O’Connor

  • NPIC is about the National Photographic Interpretation Center where John actually worked.
  • It’s a fascinating story of the creation of a key member of the intelligence community and their not as glamorous as “Homeland” work.
  • Think Cuban Missile Crisis and the Chernobyl Meltdown.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Website: How-Old.net

  • Don’t call it Artificial Intelligence anymore folks…. it’s now called Machine Learning.
  • You input your name, and it pulls up some photos and guesses your age. This could be scary or terribly funny…
  • Do you dare “Get a Human Opinion?”


Social Media Recommendations:

Helena: @atlasobscura: If you like giant flaming holes in the ground..

  John: Hunting-henry.tumblr.com: Henry is an Airedale. He travels. He might be magical. Try to find him wherever he travels. henry   Kelly: @henderson_trina: She’s an artist who also likes to livetweet some Gotham!

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