It’s Gerald Webb time! (well on Wednesday the 11th)

Special announcement to Snarkalecs and non-Snarkalecs!

Our good friend Gerald Webb will be making his first appearance on a very cool podcast called The Shadow Diaries starring Madelaine Petsch & Kara Hayward this Wednesday (November 11).

Similar to what we did with Gerald’s awesome STACKS, he has made himself available for a “watch party”.  I guess “listen party” is more appropriate given this is a podcast.   So, at 9pm EASTERN on November 11, we’ll have either a Zoom call or Hangout, listen to the episode (they usually run 20-30 minutes), and then we’ll chat with Gerald.

WARNING: I will be hosting this along with Mike Bilinski (dun dun dun).

Really hope we can get a good number of us together.  Sorry for the short notice, but there is actual homework for you on this.  So, if you want to attend:

  1. Let me know you want to participate (either via Twitter @kellythul or email me at
  2. Let me know if you prefer Zoom or a Google Hangout for the online meeting. Also, I’ll need an email to send the invite to
  3. We will be listening to episode 4, so you might want to get through episodes 1-3 before Wednesday.  It is available on nearly all the podcast platforms and here on YouTube.

Ping me if you have any questions!

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