Episode 56 – Librarians, desolation, and a threat from Mel

In this episode we revisit two of our favorite things… abandoned places and quirky sci-fi awesomeness.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Series: Forgotten Planet

  • Available on Netflix
  • This series has 6 episodes that cover abandoned places. “Explore buildings and whole cities that have been cast off by humanity and forgotten by time. But why did people abandon these once-thriving places?”
  • You will visit Chernobyl, Detroit (once considered “the Paris of the Midwest”), where the irradiated Bikini Island ships were brought to study (oops), Gary Indiana, and most importantly… THE SALTON SEA
  • Fun fact 1: the crunchy “sand” you walk on by the shores of the Salton Sea is actually the vertebrae of some of the MILLIONS of tilapia that die off in mass each year and wash ashore.
  • Fun fact 2: former recommendation Adamthewoo also likes the Salton Sea.

Kelly’s Extra Credit Assignment:

Kelly was so amazed by the Salton Sea and its story, that he scoured the interwebs for more information – and there is a lot of it including: an award winning  documentary film, Yelp reviews, articles, and videos.  The following is the best place to start…

 Documentary: Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea

  • Available on YouTube
  • Narrated by John Waters
  • You will meet “Hunky Daddy” (and be treated to a view of him you will not soon forget)


Mel’s Recommendation:


TV Series: The Librarians on TNT

  • A new series based on some movies that TNT made starring Noah Wylie that started back in 2004.
  • I definitely recommend you find the first movie in the Trilogy, “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear” as it sets up the whole story and is great fun.
  • The gist: Noah Wylie is The Librarian. His job is to use his vast knowledge to protect all of us from possibly mystical artifacts that could do us great harm if bad people got hold of them.
  • The series has The Librarian saving 3 other geniuses (who were also up for the job) from assassination by the Serpent Brotherhood. Like any good cult, they are determined to take over the world. The first step was to bring magic back into the world. This sounds really cool and all, but there’s a lot of magical whatnots that can kill all of us normals. So, the 3 Junior Geniuses become Junior Librarians and set out to handle the jobs The Librarian doesn’t have time for.
  • This series has a great cast, many of which live tweet the episodes along with viewers.
  • If you were a fan of Warehouse 13, you’ll like this one. THOUGH it should be noted that The Librarian was around well before Warehouse 13. So, don’t call it a copy or I will have to hurt you.
  • Oh, and Bruce Campbell played Santa in the Christmas episode….


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