N&S – Ep 142 – An Angry Learning Experience

This week Kelly gleefully sets out to piss Mel off. There is much sighing.


Kelly’s Rec:

Remember folks, this is NOT an endorsement, just some useful historical information. Otherwise known as an angry learning experience.

Documentary: Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix

  • A Netflix original about Roger Stone.
  • Did you know he has a ginormous tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back?



Mel’s Rec:

App: Periscope

  • A social media live streaming app for iOS and android. Integrates with twitter (and Facebook if you must).
  • It’s cool, it streams video from all over the world, and it just works.
  • Kelly recommended this app on Episode 87, way back in 2015. Which really seems like 100 years ago or so.  Anyway, it’s still  around despite numerous reports of it’s impending doom.


Social Media Corner:

Kelly suggests you follow @Stoneflik on twitter since Roger Stone got himself banned… Oops. It too has been banned now. (Mel is sooooo sad). 😀


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