N&S – Ep. 145 – Beyond Virtual

More Books, More Documentaries, and More #JerkWars.

Mel’s Rec:

Book: Warcross by Marie Lu

  • Emika Chen is a pretty kickass hacker/bounty hunter in a future where everyone is hooked into the virtual world of Warcross.
  • Emika accidentally lucks into a job hunting down another hacker in the game, but what is the mysterious person really after?
  • This is the first of two Warcross books, and I can’t wait for book 2! ~M


Kelly’s Rec:

Documentary: Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond on Netflix

  • a 2017 Documentary of the making of  the 199 Movie, Man On The Moon
  • Man on the Moon is the one where Jim Carrey plays comedian Andy Kaufman.


Social Media Corner:

@barry_cleaver: Barry is a great guy who has completely embraced the idea of #jerkwars. Kelly and @Sean_Schick must surely approve.

Special Presentation:  Wow!

Of note in the following….

  • Kelly’s brother-in-law REALLY likes to set up (70,000!) Christmas lights
  • Drones are cool
  • Happy Holidays!!




Special thanks to Alicia @ohalchemygirl for our intro song and to Matt @MattShiversVO for our outgoing message! 

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