N&S – Ep. 146 -Ear Bags and Puppets

This week we bring you a wireless gadget and some videos. You’re welcome.


Kelly’s Recc:

Gadget: SoundPeats Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

  • These bluetooth earbuds work on both iOS and Android and are super inexpensive. Try $27.99 on Amazon right now. O_O
  • The 2 earbuds are magnetized so they stick together when you drop them around your neck so you won’t lose them. Take that Apple Airpods.
  • 8 hours of music and does phone calls too.
  • And it comes with an “ear bag”.




Mel’s Recc:

Videos: Adam Kreutinger’s YouTube Channel

  • Adam makes Super Super Super cool videos about making puppets. Did I mention they were cool.
  • Here’s a quick link to his Puppet Building 101 videos.
  • He also MADE his wife’s wedding dress. MADE IT.



Social Media Corner:


Kelly: BazBattles YouTube Channel: recreations of historical battles with cute little skulls.


Here’s a not so historical battle, but it’s awesome!




Special thanks to Alicia @ohalchemygirl for our intro song and to Matt @MattShiversVO for our outgoing message! 

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