N&S – Ep 163 – Light and Dark

Sorry for the long wait. Life gets in the way. A lot.  We’ve got a little something for your eyes and your ears this time!


Mel’s Rec

Music: Trevor Hall

  • His latest album is The Fruitful Darkness. Check it out on YouTube or Spotify. My favs are Karma and The Weaver.
  • It’s very positive and upbeat and will make you a better person. 😀
  • The first song I heard of Trevor’s is below. You can download it from Jam In The Van for free. Which is freaking awesome.





Kelly’s Rec

Comics: The White Knight

  • Available in a collected edition from DC or wherever you get your graphic novels.
  • The Joker is the Good Guy!
  • There’s some really cool stuff going on with the Batmobile too.



Social Media Corner:

Check out Alison @allison_vic on insta: or @AllisonSWolfe on the twitters. Go check out her Worst Cooks in America Stuff!


Endless Screaming @infinite_scream:


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