N&S – Episode 135 -Podcats

Another episode where we recommend other people’s podcasts. Weird.


Mel’s Rec:

Podcast/AudioDrama: Mars Corp by Definitely Human Productions

  • Imagine waking up a few hundred years late for your job as Station Manager of the MarsCorp terraformign station. On Mars.
  • A fun story of Corporate Culture. In space. Full of zany characters and one lovable robot named Baxter. He has a telebelly.
  • Available at all of the normal places podcasts can be found.



Kelly’s Rec:

Podcast: Every Little Thing by Gimlet Media

  • This new podcast by Gimlet Media is hosted by Flora Lichtman and it’s about the little things.
  • Gimlet describes it’s about “searching for the extraordinary lurking in every nook and cranny of the ordinary”.
  • There are some very timely topics, such as eclipse chasers, the senate Parliamentarian, and the ever popular Dewey Decimal System.
  • Short little episodes about little, but important things.


Social Media Corner:

Mel: @BeautifulBizarreMagazine on Instagram: If you want to see some cool art from all over the spectrum, check this account out. It’s beautiful and a little creepy, and just really really cool.

Love Love Love “Sweet Casey,” by @loopyboopy, she’s SO lovely!❤️?

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Kelly: @TerriBlanchard on Twitter: She’s a super nice coffee drinking funny Canadian.


And Our Special Guest this week:

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  1. Michael Bilinski says:

    Another great episode! Thank you for the kind words about my Instagram Mel!

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