Nurture & Support 171: Demon Crush

Some viewing or reading options this week folks….

Kelly’s recommendationScreenCrush YouTube channel


This channel provides breakdowns, analysis, Easter eggs, etc. about Star Wars and Superhero movies and TV shows.  The host is funny and knowledgeable.  Be sure to check out their Clone Wars season 7 material!


Mel’s recommendation –  American Demon


This week Mel recommends the next chapter of The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, “American Demon”.  We also get some much deserved plugging of Goodreads as well.  This book won’t be out until June 16, but Mel won a free advanced reading copy!  She strongly encourages everyone to preorder this.  This is a continuation of the story with witches, demons, vampires, pixies, and no tomatoes on salads 🙂





As a reminder, Mel’s book recommendations are quite convincing…

Social media recommendation:


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