Nurture & Support 176: Book and Battlefield Walk YouTube Channel Recommendations

When Mel and I are not buying things on Amazon, we apparently watch YouTube.


Mel’s Recommendation –  readwithcindy YouTube Channel

Mel is a huge Cindy fan and describes her as funny, sarcastic and borderline bitter 🙂

Cindy discusses books and has also started to branch out into Netflix and anime shows… but mostly books. Mel loves her candid (good and bad) assessments.  Be sure to also follow Cindy on Instagram and Twitter.

Bonus for this recommendation…  Kelly learned a new word… “BookTube”.


Kelly’s Recommendation –  Matt Atkinson

Matt is a Gettysburg Park Ranger that provides some extremely interesting battle walks.  He is funny, knowledgeable and borderline bitter 🙂

While you can find a lot of Matt’s walks on the StuffWriter YouTube channel, you can also just search on his name in YouTube to find his content.




As promised, here is a link to the Reckon Ball (not Reckonning Ball as I said in the podcast) and here it is in action…



As always, this episode is also available on… YouTube 🙂

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