Nurture & Support 178: The Outer Worlds, LED lighting, and Blackbeard’s Ghost

Dr. Mike joins Mel and I again for this round of recommendations. Due to technical issues and me forgetting to record parts of the show, sound quality and continuity get a little choppy here and there.  Also, for the record, I am not glad Dean Jones is dead.

Mel’s recommendation: The Outer Worlds (video game)

This game is from the creators of the early Fallout game series. The Outer Worlds contains much of the same spirit and vibe as Fallout… but in space!  Mel explains how she can’t bring herself to be the bad guy while Mike and Kelly listen politely unable to comprehend.






Mike’s recommendation: Elfeland LED Closet Lights Wireless Color Changing RGB Puck Lights

In between Mike’s droning on and on about the number of stand-up video games he has, he does manage to work in some information about some great-priced, easy to install LED lights.






Kelly’s recommendation: Blackbeard’s Ghost

This a simple, fun movie way back from 1968 starring Peter Ustinov and Dean Jones.  I might be wrong, but I could totally see Ustinov’s performance as partial inspiration for a certain Jack Sparrow.



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