Recommendations: The Boys and Art With Flo (Nurture & Support 185)

Special treat around the 18:30 mark 🙂

Kelly’s recommendation –  The Boys

This Amazon show is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Garth Ennis. While there are many tweaks, it does effectively bring forward the dark, funny, dark, strange world of the graphic novel.  If you have problems with profanity.. not your show. If you have problems with VERY dark situations… not your show.  The cast and writing are spectacular!




Mel’s recommendation –  Art With Flo

Just like Kelly, Mel remains on the lookout for a graphic art Sherpa.  Flo seems to be the ticket for her.  Flo provides easy to follow, concise guidance on using Procreate.  Flo doesn’t assume you have the highest end equipment, in fact Mel was able to keep up with her vintage iPad Air and generation 1 Apple Pencil.   As promised, here is Mel’s first project.   Nice job!!





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