Revisiting MySpace (eventually) – Squat Cobbler 138

Tangent Tally: I lost count

This week Dr. Mike were SUPPOSED to talk about MySpace, but as is our wont, we meandered quite a bit prior to discussing it.

Perhaps a roadmap of the tangents prior to the discussion of the actual topic would help:

  1. Mike’s latest unearned title
  2. 2020 Election
  3. What country would you move to?
  4. Mike’s take on the Bahamas and Canada
  5. Costa Rica’s plumbing
  6. Kelly’s trips to Canada and England
  7. Kelly’s knowledge of French
  8. Frozen Niagara Falls
  9. Frozen mist and the metric system
  10. TOPIC!!! (12:45 mark, link to video below)

As mentioned in the podcast (at the 28:07 mark), we are deciding on our “top eight” for the upcoming Squat Cobbler MySpace page.  Feel free to recommend additions/deletions and you can certainly nominate yourself.  Here is where we landed so far:

  1. Actor Nikki Bilderback
  2. Worst Cooks in America winner Allison Wolfe
  3. Actor Rebecca Kennedy
  4. Mel from the Nurture & Support podcast
  5.  Actor Terri Ivens
  6. (this could be YOU!)
  7. YouTube commenter “F*** your beards” guy
  8. “Actor” Gerald Webb

The inspiration for this podcast topic…

A mildly edited version of this episode is also available on YouTube.

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iTunes – Nurture and Support
Stitcher, Google Play and The Bog Panda YouTube Channel.

Thanks for listening!  Kelly (@kellythul) and Dr. Mike (@officialpagan)

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