Show Page – A Saul and Battery “Nacho” S1:E3

On February 16th at 10:15pm Central time, Melissa and I return to discuss the latest “Better Call Saul” episode… “Nacho”… with special guest Mike (@officialpagan)!! 


To connect with us via Google+ Hangout on February 16th at 10:15pm Central time, go here:

If G+ is not your thing, you can view the show live and later “not so live” off of:

Kelly’s YouTube channel Note: the video will show up on Kelly’s channel when we go live at 10:15pm Central

We will recap the episode, share our reactions, and each pick a favorite quote from the show.

Here is how YOU can join in:

  • By Twitter (either tweet @karmic9 or @kellythul, or use the hashtag #TalkSaul)
  • By the Google+ Hangout Q&A feature

We are excited about the show and really want to connect with people, build a community, and #TalkSaul!!

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