Squat Cobbler 128: Review of Don’t Give Up by Alice Cooper

Tangent Tally – 1

On a special edition of Squat Cobbler, Dr. Mike and I return to our favorite topic… Alice Cooper.

Alice recently released “Don’t Give Up“.  This is a song about our resolve to get though this pandemic together.  It appears each band member recorded their portions while sheltering at home.  In making the video, Alice asked fans to submit pictures of themselves holding a sign with one of the words from the lyrics.  Mike and I complied of course…

We are still looking for a confirmed Dr. Mike appearance, but I got lucky and showed up at the 37 second mark of the video

Check this song out, it is more great stuff from Alice.

Mike also continued his fake news story line that I want to punch Chuck Garric.  While this is absurd on its face, allow me to present photographic, non-punching evidence with Chuck and Calico.  Case closed.

A mildly edited version of this episode is also available on YouTube.

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Thanks for listening!  Kelly (@kellythul) and Dr. Mike (@officialpagan)

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