Squat Cobbler 33: Tales of Pirates and Snews

After determining there are fewer parallels between Jesus and Mike than Mike originally thought, we get on with the show…

Kelly’s recommendation – Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales

OK, it’s a Pirates movie, but one of the better ones.  Fun. great special effects, implausible scenes galore, and a cgi Depp.  What more can you want?

Mike’s recommendation – Snews

Tony (@TonySolo on Twitter), co-host of the former Snarkalec Radio internet radio show/YouTube thingie with Mike and Kelly, and Dylan (@Holidill) host a monthly YouTube show called “The Snews”.  The show covers zombies, sci-fi movies, birthdays… and whatever else comes up.

You can find the Snews on Tony’s YouTube channel

Here is the Snarkalec Radio reunion show mentioned on this week’s podcast (the one that apparently Mike and Kelly diminished in value).  NSFW

Social Media Recommendations

Mike – @tonysolo

Kelly – @duckduckgo

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