Squat Cobbler 37: A very very very very special Squat Cobbler

Rather than recommendations this week, Mike and I go behind the scenes on the various podcasts we do and also discuss my recent troubles with “The Man”.  Ironically, for a show where we talk about “cleaning up” audio, there are a few rough patches this show.  The original recording had some warbling here and there – sorry!

You’ll hear about the tools and processes we use, favorite guests for Squat Cobbler, the Alice Cooper reviews and A Saul and Battery.  You will also learn why the podcast audio for Squat Cobbler now differs on this blog verses YouTube – and much more.

We also REALLY want your input on our latest planned adventure… SQUAT CINEMA

The plans so far:

  1. Get together on Friday nights to watch a movie together via Rabb.it
  2. Maybe have a short film before the main event
  3. Have fun

We would love your input on what would make this better.  We discuss Squat Cinema towards the end of this show.  Hope to hear from you on this!!

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2 Responses to Squat Cobbler 37: A very very very very special Squat Cobbler

  1. karmic9 says:

    I am troubled by the lack of profanity in this episode.

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