Squat Cobbler 39: The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow

Our favorite guest, and Kelly’s favorite podcast co-host (until this show) Mel returns to the Cobblerplex!


Kelly – Because Geek YouTube channel

Val rocks it with loads of Game of Thrones materials… fan theories, trailer breakdowns, episode reviews and live chats.  She is smart and engaging.  Check her channel out!


Mel – Rare Breed by  Zayde Wolf

Zayde Wolf music is written, produced and largely performed by Dustin Burnett.  His material has appeared in a variety of places including video games, NFL ads, Teen Wolf, Dancing with the Stars, etc…

Solid rock music creatively crafted and chocked full of ear worms.

Here is the awesome video Mel mentioned during the show…


Mike – RagtimeTwerk YouTube channel 

Mike recommended a YouTube channel that features twerking videos set to ragtime music.  Because he is Mike.


Social Media Recommendations 

Kelly – @BecauseVal_

Mike @RebekahKennedy (again)

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