Squat Cobbler 48: Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare (review)

“And in the totally fiery pit of boiling death… the lawyers, pimps and mimes”

This week we review Alice Cooper’s 26th album “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”, a sequel to “Welcome To My Nightmare”.  Bob Ezrin returns, the original Alice Cooper group returns (sorta), Ke$ha, Vince Gill, and many other pop in as well.   We both like this album, but expectations were high going in – and it fell a bit short of them for us.

In editing the podcast I noticed 2 big fails on my part… I called “Some Folks” “Some Things” and “Genuine American Girl” “Real American Girl”.  Apologies!!

This was released with multiple variations of bonus tracks.  Both Mike and I feel this bonus track should have ended the album.

Also, here is Alice and crew rocking “Born This Way”

SMLTBCBPB (Song most likely to be covered by Pat Boone):

Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever


Welcome 2 My Nightmare ended up 18th on Mike’s list, #15th on Kelly’s


  1. Love It To Death
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Killer
  4. From the Inside
  5. Brutal Planet
  6. Along Came a Spider
  7. School’s Out
  8. Welcome To My Nightmare
  9. Dragontown
  10. The Last Temptation
  11. Flush the Fashion
  12. Constrictor
  13. DaDa
  14. Dirty Diamonds
  15. Eyes of Alice Cooper
  16. Muscle Of Love
  17. Special Forces
  18. Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  19. Lace and Whiskey
  20. Zipper Catches Skin
  21. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  22. Hey Stoopid
  23. Trash
  24. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  25. Easy Action
  26. Pretties for You


  1. Billion Dollar Babies
  2. Love It To Death
  3. From the Inside
  4. Killer
  5. Welcome To My Nightmare
  6. Along Came a Spider
  7. Brutal Planet
  8. School’s Out
  9. The Last Temptation
  10. Special Forces
  11. Flush the Fashion
  12. Dragontown
  13. Constrictor
  14. DaDa
  15. Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  16. Dirty Diamonds
  17. Eyes of Alice Cooper
  18. Muscle Of Love
  19. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  20. Zipper Catches Skin
  21. Lace and Whiskey
  22. Hey Stoopid
  23. Trash
  24. Easy Action
  25. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  26. Pretties for You
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