Squat Cobbler 6.66 – Prepare to be disappointed

Note: Alternative title for Squat Cobbler 6.66 was “Vaguely acceptable and fighting”


Mike: tickelishtoes on Fiverr – In the market for a picture of some cute feet?  Tickelishtoes the the ONLY choice.  Squat Cobbler is not only a fan… we are a customer.



Kelly: Figure 1 (app) – Basically “Instagram for doctors”.  Medical professionals share (with the patient’s consent and their privacy maintained) all sorts of rare conditions and maladies.  If you don’t want to download the app, just search “Figure 1 pics” in “the Google” and go to the image view.  Buckle up kids.

Social media recommendations:

Mike – @TheKingIsDeadUK

Kelly –  @lantenengo

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