Squat Cobbler 73: Cosplay and Retro Gaming

This week you’ll get a great YouTube channel recommendation and a fun retro gaming option.  In addition to the recommendations, Mike and Kelly wander around such topics as YouTube comments, monetization, the Amiga 2000, BASIC, and The Killing Joke.

Kelly’s Recommendation

Orvix Cosplay – This is an awesome YouTube channel run by an equally awesome person.  It has cosplay talk, how-to videos, vlogs from cons and Disneyland… what’s not to love?

Here is the super cool Killing Joke shirt project Kelly mentioned

Mike’s Recommendation

The C64 Mini – Aside from a keyboard unable to cope with Mike’s large man hands, this is a pretty amazing retro gaming option – at a great price.  Not only can you install additional games to the system, it comes fully operational for you to code and run BASIC programs.

Here is the difference between DO WHILE and DO UNTIL.  Kelly still doesn’t grasp it.

Social Media Recommendations

Kelly – Orvix Cosplay’s Instagram

Mike – Mike recommended @the64mini on Twitter, but that account doesn’t exist.  So enjoy the keyboard size rants on the hashtag

Random Chatter Scrapbook

Here is Kelly’s “Night King of Ren” cosplay…

The game Kelly cheated at all the time on the Amiga was called “Wings”…

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