Squat Cobbler 90: More on the Staged Killer live tweet

Gerald Webb, joins us this week to talk more about the live tweet we are having for his new movie on Netflix “Staged Killer” (trailer) – directed by Christopher Ray.

There was some question if it was going to be actually available on Netflix at the time of this recording, but GOOD NEWS, it is and we are still set to do this Saturday!!

So, on Saturday June 29 at 9PM Eastern, 8pm Central, 6PM Pacific we will be live tweeting this and Gerald will join us along with some members of the cast!

Here is what you need to participate:

  1. Netflix access
  2. A Twitter account (watch for hashtags #StagedKiller #NetflixTweetSync and #Snarkalecs)
  3. An understanding of time zones and an accurate time keeping source

On the 29th I’ll share where to pause the movie to synchronize our start and will do the old 3, 2, 1, GO!

To help with communication, please tweet me at @kellythul on Twitter with something along the lines of “#Staged Killer – I’m in!” and I’ll add to to the Twitter list I have set up for this live tweet.

The rustling you hear throughout the broadcast is Gerald caressing an autographed 8×10 of Orlando Bloom. He is seldom seen without it.

Reminder, Rebekah Kennedy STILL likes me more than Mike.

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