Nurture & Support 167: Back in business with fun recommendations (eventually)

Nurture & Support returns with our favorite guest Dr. Mike.

Bear with us since it has been awhile and we had to catch up.  Recommendations (worth waiting for) begin around the 8 minute mark, but before that you will be treated to:

  1. Mel’s current Internet access situation
  2. An audio tour of Dr. Mike’s office/home

We do eventually get to recommendations.  BTW, it is worth sticking around until the end because Mel and Mike lose Kelly’s audio, but our recording software does not 🙂

Kelly’s recommendation – Rocketbook Wave

The Rocketbook Wave is a super handy and affordable option to take hand written notes, upload them to Google Drive, Evernote, etc. and ERASE the notebook once it is filled up.  You erase it with a with a microwave,  Yes, a microwave.  BTW, Rocketbook, Mel and Mike are very open to receiving this for free to glowingly review.

Dr. Mike’s recommendation – Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis mini is possibly the best execution of the wave of mini consoles to have come out recently.  Quality games and some pretty amazing things happen depending on the language you choose in settings.  Mike recommends giving German a spin.

Mel’s recommendation – Gideon the Ninth (The Ninth House#1 The Locked Tomb Trilogy#1) by Tamsyn Muir

Gideon the Ninth is an amazing book with fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery elements to it.  Gideon is a sarcastic, foul-mouthed, funny character that Mel loved.  I feel it should me noted that I will be will be buying to READ, despite Mel’s assertion that I do not value her book recommendations (wrong) and Dr. Mike’s assertion that I am illiterate (also rong).

And as always, here is gently edited (as needed) YouTube version of this episode.

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