Nurture & Support 169: Hobos and iPads

This week Mel and I offer up two very different recommendations.  And I still don’t get ASMR.

Kelly’s recommendationStobe the Hobo Youtube Channel

Let’s address this right away.  I sincerely apologize for pronouncing Stobe as “Stub” or “Strobe” throughout the episode.  I have no clue why I goofed this up.  I think I did it correctly ONCE. Regardless, this is an intriguing channel from an intriguing man as he hops freight trains across the country.


Mel’s recommendationSoke iPad Screen protector

Protect your iPad screen and make even better use of the Apple pencil with this highly affordable quality screen protector.  Mel loves it and you can even reposition it much easier than the typical screen protector.

As promised, here is a link back to Mel’s awesome book recommendation from a recent podcast.


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