Squat Cobbler 74: Space Issues

This week Mike and Kelly set a record for tangents prior to the recommendations.  Sorry.

Mike’s RecommendationTechnology Connections YouTube Channel

This channel is a treasure trove on all sorts of technology tidbits ranging from closed captioning, LEDs, DVD-RAM, Laserdiscs,etc…

Mike specifically mentioned the segment on the history of cassette tapes as a “must listen”

Kelly’s Recommendation – Walking Dead Our World app

Great game play, augmented reality, and zombies (!) in the Pokemon Go meets the Walking Dead app.  Available on Android and iOS, this joint effort between Google Maps and AMC is extremely fun to play.  Game play is intuitive, but if you want to take it to the next level, Reddit has all the information you would ever need.  The app is challenging Pokemon Go as Kelly’s go to “walk in and out of work” entertainment.

As mentioned in the podcast, Kelly recommended Pokemon Go on Nurture and Support 120 (July 2016). In a clear violation of recommendation protocol, Mike recommended Pokemon Go on Squat Cobbler 8 (August 2016).

Please remember, if Mike recommends The Walking Dead Our World at a later date, we all need to call him out and declare “CHICANERY! CHICANERY!”

Social Media Recommendations

Kelly: @ChrisEvans – Captain America is a must follow as we approach Avenger’s Endgame… plus Mr. Evans is a stand up guy

Mike: Kelly’s YouTube channel – home of Nurture and Support, Squat Cobbler, A Saul and Battery, and other silliness.

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