Squat Cobbler 40 – Wrong Way Mike

Heads up. The second half of this show involves a recommendation (from GUESS who) of an adult nature. Plan your listening accordingly.  But be sure to catch our spiffy new end bump.

Kelly’s Recommendation

Wrong Way Up – Brian Eno and John Cale (1990)

This is a truly enable album.  The sound is the special nexus of Eno, Cale and the Talking Heads.  While Mike took great offense, listen to “Crime in the Desert” and justify how it is NOT somehow utilized in a future Squat Cobbler.

If you ever have the need for some music to play in the background as a pick-me-up, this is the ticket.  Perhaps you could put it on prior to Mike’s recommendation starting.

Mike’s Recommendation

Well… so…

Mike’s recommendation is the first film adaptation from the “La Blue Girl” series.  For those of you unfamiliar, La Blue Girl is an erotic anime and manga series by Toshio Maeda. La Blue Girl has been comic books, three live-action movies, and some PC games as well.

Tentacles are involved.

I have nothing else to say, except maybe “sorry”.


Social Media Picks

Mike – @karmic9 (tied to Mike’s convoluted logic to partially blame her for his recommendation)

N&S – Episode 138 – Medicine Jams

More music stuff! More podcasts!


Kelly’s Rec:

Website App: UJam Music Studio

  • A cool utility that makes your audio files sound pro made.  AND IT’S FREE.
  • It has tons of cool features and tweaks to get as audiophile-ish as you want.
  • Kelly used it to make a new outro for Squat Cobbler. Listen below, if you dare.




Mel’s Rec:

Another Podcast: Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

  • A fun and informative podcast about Medicine by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy.
  • Instead of going back and listening to the first few episodes, I jumped right into the current eps of this podcast. Starting with the one about Erectile Dysfunction. I was sold.
  • It’s a lot of fun AND you learn a few things.


Social Media Corner:


Kelly caught up with @JamieKoala again at Wizard World. See the pic below. She has some really cool stuff at her shop @KoalaArtDesign, so now go follow that one.




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Squat Cobbler 39: The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow

Our favorite guest, and Kelly’s favorite podcast co-host (until this show) Mel returns to the Cobblerplex!


Kelly – Because Geek YouTube channel

Val rocks it with loads of Game of Thrones materials… fan theories, trailer breakdowns, episode reviews and live chats.  She is smart and engaging.  Check her channel out!


Mel – Rare Breed by  Zayde Wolf

Zayde Wolf music is written, produced and largely performed by Dustin Burnett.  His material has appeared in a variety of places including video games, NFL ads, Teen Wolf, Dancing with the Stars, etc…

Solid rock music creatively crafted and chocked full of ear worms.

Here is the awesome video Mel mentioned during the show…


Mike – RagtimeTwerk YouTube channel 

Mike recommended a YouTube channel that features twerking videos set to ragtime music.  Because he is Mike.


Social Media Recommendations 

Kelly – @BecauseVal_

Mike @RebekahKennedy (again)

N&S – Episode 137 – Pwning the Cello

Kelly depresses everyone this week. For once it’s not Mel. 😀


Mel’s Rec:


Music: GnuS Cello on YouTube

  • It’s cello music, duh.
  • Cello covers of popular music by Linkin Park, Soundgarden, and 21 Pilots among many others.
  • Find out what song almost made Kelly die, and what song Mel hates.


Kelly would also request that someone please redo this Blue Oyster Cult song into a cello version….



Kelly’s Rec:

Website: haveibeenpwned.com

  • Find out if your info has been hacked and how many times.
  • It’s okay to be scared.
  • Can you beat Mel and Kelly’s score?



Social Media Corner:

Jamie and Kelly at Wizard World 2016

Kelly: @JamieKoala: Cosplayer, Costume Artist, Artist Artist. Likes Wizard World. Has met Kelly irl.

and on instagram:


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Squat Cobbler: Alice Cooper – Paranormal – Part 2 (review)

‘Cause my mama says the world’s an oyster and I’m the pearl

Here is part 2 of our review on Paranormal.  In the episode we discuss the two new original Alice Cooper group songs and the live tracks from his current band – all this on the bonus material included with Paranormal!

Also, since we mentioned how cool the stage show is for “Feed My Frankenstein”…

SMLTBCBPB (Song most likely to be covered by Pat Boone):

Mike  – Holy Water

Kelly – Genuine American Girl

Reminder… Paranormal is doing very well on the charts… HELP IT DO EVEN BETTER!!

Squat Cobbler 38: Alice Cooper – Trash (review)

“I’ll drive you like hammer on the bed of nails”

This week Mike and Kelly discuss Alice Cooper’s 18th album, “Trash”.

They are pretty sure this is still the best selling of all of Alice’s albums and it featured a major return to the singles chart with “Poison”.

While it certainly can be debated, both Mike and Kelly felt this was a good album, just not a good Alice Cooper album.  Tons of guest stars including Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler and Kip Winger may have contributed to that.

Had this whole album been done live, it would have fared much better in the rankings.  Song like Poison and Trash really are a whole different level of awesome live.  For example:


SMLTBCBPB (Song most likely to be covered by Pat Boone):

Only My Heart Talkin’



  1. Love It To Death
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Killer
  4. From the Inside
  5. School’s Out
  6. Welcome To My Nightmare
  7. Flush the Fashion
  8. Constrictor
  9. DaDa
  10. Muscle Of Love
  11. Special Forces
  12. Lace and Whiskey
  13. Zipper Catches Skin
  14. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  15. Trash
  16. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  17. Easy Action
  18. Pretties for You


  1. Billion Dollar Babies
  2.  Love It To Death
  3. From the Inside
  4. Killer
  5. Welcome To My Nightmare
  6. School’s Out
  7. Special Forces
  8. Flush the Fashion
  9. Constrictor
  10. DaDa
  11. Muscle Of Love
  12. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  13. Zipper Catches Skin
  14. Lace and Whiskey
  15. Trash
  16. Easy Action
  17. Raise Your Fist and Yell
  18. Pretties for You

Squat Cobbler: Alice Cooper – Paranormal – Part 1 (review)

Your phone knows more about you than your daddy or your mother

We couldn’t wait to review the newest Alice Cooper release.  While all of Alice’s recent albums have been very strong, Paranormal really stands out.  A full (and awesome) new release, PLUS a bonus material that features the original Alice Cooper group members and some live tracks from his current band.

Since there is SO much here, we decided to break it into two reviews.  The second review (of the bonus material) will come out shortly.

As was mentioned on the show, Alice did some track by track interviews that in our opinion approaches Squat Cobbler “Alice talk” quality.  Here they are…

By the way… Paranormal is doing very well on the charts… HELP IT DO EVEN BETTER!!

N&S – Episode 136 – Alice Cooper and Six Crows

A return to some old standbys: A book and an Alice Cooper album. Guess who recs which one..


Kelly’s Rec:

Album: Paranormal by Alice Cooper

  • The brand new album from Alice Cooper!
  • Kelly gives a preview of his thoughts on the album before he and Mike talk about it on Squat Cobbler.
  • Some Links: a playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime


I’m only 30 out of 50 Shades of Grey….



Mel’s Rec:

Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

  • This is a super cool, gritty, fun caper of a Young Adult Fantasy novel.
  • It is currently $2.99 on Kindle until Sept 4, 2017.
  • Follow Leigh on Tumblr, she is super interactive with her fans.



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: @bexsaunders7 – Bex the BritChick on twitter. She likes memes and depressing poem starts…


Mel: @dswt on instagram or twitter. It’s the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. They save baby elephants ( and lots of other stuff too) They are awesome.


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Squat Cobbler 37: A very very very very special Squat Cobbler

Rather than recommendations this week, Mike and I go behind the scenes on the various podcasts we do and also discuss my recent troubles with “The Man”.  Ironically, for a show where we talk about “cleaning up” audio, there are a few rough patches this show.  The original recording had some warbling here and there – sorry!

You’ll hear about the tools and processes we use, favorite guests for Squat Cobbler, the Alice Cooper reviews and A Saul and Battery.  You will also learn why the podcast audio for Squat Cobbler now differs on this blog verses YouTube – and much more.

We also REALLY want your input on our latest planned adventure… SQUAT CINEMA

The plans so far:

  1. Get together on Friday nights to watch a movie together via Rabb.it
  2. Maybe have a short film before the main event
  3. Have fun

We would love your input on what would make this better.  We discuss Squat Cinema towards the end of this show.  Hope to hear from you on this!!

N&S – Episode 135 -Podcats

Another episode where we recommend other people’s podcasts. Weird.


Mel’s Rec:

Podcast/AudioDrama: Mars Corp by Definitely Human Productions

  • Imagine waking up a few hundred years late for your job as Station Manager of the MarsCorp terraformign station. On Mars.
  • A fun story of Corporate Culture. In space. Full of zany characters and one lovable robot named Baxter. He has a telebelly.
  • Available at all of the normal places podcasts can be found.



Kelly’s Rec:

Podcast: Every Little Thing by Gimlet Media

  • This new podcast by Gimlet Media is hosted by Flora Lichtman and it’s about the little things.
  • Gimlet describes it’s about “searching for the extraordinary lurking in every nook and cranny of the ordinary”.
  • There are some very timely topics, such as eclipse chasers, the senate Parliamentarian, and the ever popular Dewey Decimal System.
  • Short little episodes about little, but important things.


Social Media Corner:

Mel: @BeautifulBizarreMagazine on Instagram: If you want to see some cool art from all over the spectrum, check this account out. It’s beautiful and a little creepy, and just really really cool.

Love Love Love “Sweet Casey,” by @loopyboopy, she’s SO lovely!❤️😍

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Kelly: @TerriBlanchard on Twitter: She’s a super nice coffee drinking funny Canadian.


And Our Special Guest this week:

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