Episode 11 – Clowns, Hipster abuse, wearable tech, and more from National Treasure – Alice Cooper

In this episode Mel recommends a truly demented and wonderful film and an app for you to channel your hipster hate.  Kelly provides his second (and likely not last) Alice Cooper recommendation and an option for wearable tech to help you track exercise/sleep/etc

Mel’s Recommendations:

Movie: Delicatessen

  • 1991 French Film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  • Dominique Pinon stars as a heroic Clown in a cannibalistic Post-Apocalyptic tale
  • Available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video

Game App: Hipster Smackdown

  • Do Hipsters get you down? Smack one today and feel better.
  • Free game only available on iOS



Kelly’s Recommendations:

Technology/App: Fitbit Flex

  • Wearable fitness band that tracks steps and sleep, and will even Wake You Up in the morning
  • Check out Fitbit.com to track calorie intake and check out other models

Music: Alice Cooper – From The Inside

Alice in a mental ward… based on his actual alcohol rehab experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Large dancing liquor bottles hit the stage around the 4:23 mark of this video

Twitter Recommendations:

Mel: @Marvin4000: I’m a paranoid Android. You probably wont like me, no one ever does.

Kelly: @TheNardvark: Bryan Donaldson is a very funny man on twitter that has earned himself a spot writing for Jimmy Fallon.


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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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