Episode 118 – The Uncanny Agar.io

We’ve got a game that oddly mimics politics, and an audio drama podcast to talk about this week!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Game: Agar.io

  • Do you like House of Cards? Did you catch the game recommendation in there? Kelly did.
  • Your a dot(cell). You eat other dots. You get bigger. Other dots try to eat you. You possibly die.
  • This is a strategy multiplayer game, so you may find some bad humans in there.
  • You get to earn coins to buy new skins for your cell and power ups. There’s a strategy to it or you can just blunder around. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Available on the web at agar.io, and on iOS, and Android.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Podcast: Uncanny County

  • This is an Audio Drama type podcast. Each episode is a stand alone story.
  • Mel loves this podcast so much. It’s very steeped in Americana with a weird twist. That could be vampires, god like beings, or robots, and (shudder) clowns.
  • There’s a new ep every month and they only run about 30min.
  • I knew I was going to love this one from the intro. Check it out below.


Social Media Corner:

Kelly: Dogs in Charlotte: @dogsincharlotte: They post … pictures of dogs in Charlotte, NC from their instagram. Go check it out!


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