Episode 57 – Cardboard Space Pirates

After listening to this episode you might be able to enjoy a beautiful magna movie in your own virtual space!!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Space Pirate: Captain Harlock (2013)

  • A beautiful movie based on the manga of the same title by Matsumoto in the 50s.
  • It has Space Pirates that wear armor that looks like it could have come right off a Big Daddy from Bioshock.
  • A young man must decide just who he will betray and how many times he will betray them in order to save the human race and return them to Earth.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Gadget: Google Cardboard

  • Build a Virtual Reality Headset out of CARDBOARD!
  • You can buy a DIY kit or download a template, buy a few supplies and make it from all those Amazon boxes you have lying around.
  • It is under $20 to by a kit and they say it only takes 20 minutes to complete (Kelly took 40 minutes, but he is “special”)
  • Then download some apps to your phone, pop it in and AMAZING VIRTUAL REALITY ensues.

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @denofgeek: follow them for the Krull banner y’all. And the geekery…



Kelly: @treelobsters: a webcomic about lobsters discussing the day’s happenings. In a tree.  


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2 Responses to Episode 57 – Cardboard Space Pirates

  1. I interrupted my binge-listening to the Serial podcast to listen to your newest episode. The Google Cardboard sounds pretty awesome! I checked & they do have kits big enough for the iPhone 6+, so you can count up another sale credit because I’m going to get one.

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