Episode 70 – Digging E.T.’s Threads


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie/Documentary: Atari: Game Over

  • Available on Netflix, this documentary about the decline of Atari and the legendary search for the E.T. graveyard, will touch a place deep in the heart of every gaming nerd of a certain age. 😉
  •  It also tells the story of Howard Warshaw, the creator of many Atari games such as Yar’s Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the infamous E.T.
  • It features Atari fans such as Ernest Cline (author of Ready Player One) and George R.R. Martin (author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series aka Game of Thrones). Look here for an awesome pic of the two in his DeLorean!






Mel’s Recommendation:


Video Series: Threadbanger on Youtube

  • Rob and Corrine have been DIYing Crafty stuff for years! These days they are mainly doing 2 shows that feature either Rob (Man vs. Pin) or Corrine (Corinne vs. Pin) battling their way through some popular Pinterest crafts. They. Are. Awesome.
  • One of my absolute favorites is below. It features Rob attempting a needle felted Easter Bunny. It contains swearing and bloodshed. You’ve been warned!


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @kellietweets22: Live-tweeter extraordinaire.

Mel: @natgeo on Instagram: the spectacular pictures we expect from National Geographic.

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